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Diana Rudolph is an international etiquette consultant

Trained and certified by leading international etiquette and protocol academies in Germany, England, Belgium and the USA Ms. Rudolph has worked extensively in Diplomatic settings.

Ms. Rudolph originally graduated from university in Germany with an engineering degree. Having worked and lived in Europe, Australia and Asia including official and Diplomatic postings to China and Vietnam, Ms. Rudolph understands that with the international lifestyle comes the need to understand and desire to feel at ease in formal business, dining and social situations.

"It has been my experience that good manners, politeness and finesse in etiquette can unlock many opportunities in life" Diana says.

Diana Rudolph believes in the power of knowledge to give students and adults confidence and competence to excel in all contact situations in the new global community, to reach their full potential and to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Ms. Rudolph is a member of the Minding Manners Limited and the Protocol School of Washington Network.

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