Junior Etiquette

Young Diplomats Masterclass

This program is designed to develop high-class manners, social and leadership skills, confidence and competence in children of all ages to become successful and self-assured global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

The Young Diplomats Masterclass provides children, teens and young adults with the required tools to succeed personally, academically and professionally – now and for the rest of their lives.

Masterclass includes

  • International savoir-faire
  • Sophisticated host and guest duties
  • Dining and table etiquette
  • Attire and dress codes
  • 4-course silver service dinner

Duration: 4 weeks, 2hours/week

This exclusive program is held at a luxury five-star Hotel.

Booking: info@dianaconsult.com

From Appetiser to Dessert

A dining tutorial for children

Course includes

  • Place setting
  • Posture, Poise and Confidence while dining
  • Fork and Knife Etiquette
  • Do’s and Don’ts at the table and much more

Suitable for

  • Individual coaching
  • Private groups or Birthday Parties
  • School groups
  • In-house or at the restaurant.

We tailor to your needs.

After School Activity and Character Building Programs available.