" Thanks very much for the impressive sharing last night. I believe we all have benefit a lot from your presentation. "


" I truly enjoyed the speech per se and the way you delivered it! I'm sure your speech has left every one of us great impression and will even make changes in our lives! "


" All the girls really enjoyed the time with you.  I am happy it was so much fun. "


" I just wanted to thank you for the great lesson on mealtime manners yesterday. The children loved it! Last night at dinner they set the table and told us all about the correct way we should be eating our dinner - it was fabulous!! "


" I hope you will introduce more courses like this in future. "


" We have relocated to Dubai, so my kids won’t be able to go to your courses anymore. My daughter, Katrine went last year and she really liked it – just thought I would share that with you. "